Anyone for a PBEM?

For those of us who struggle get a few hours free at a reasonable time; Play By E-Mail is a great way to get in a game of KoW.

You’ll need a paid UB2 subscription, an internet browser and some kind of online messaging thst allows file attachments (not necessarily email, but that’ll work🙃).

UB2 allows games to be saved as a file (do allow your opponent to move your units) and it’s these files that get passed back and forth.
Along with the game’s chat history; especially dice rolls, but also other communication and declaring intent.
I also like to include a screenshot of the game, so that my opponent can have a look ahead of when they take their turn (I collect them for battle reports too).

Setup is easiest if both players can get on at the same time, but going back and forth (usually two units at a time) or blind deployment work too.

Post or look in this thread if you’re interested in a game.