Anyone playing in southern Maine (US)?

I’m located in Portland, and am always looking for new opponents. I play Herd + Elves/FoN and am planning on starting Goblins in celebration of 3rd ed. Interested in casual play, campaigns, tournament prep. I have a job and a family and I like to believe I am a reasonable human being with a socially-viable demeanor.

Here’s a regiment of salamanders I just painted, posing awkwardly in front of a glue container I couldn’t be bothered to move out the way:

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Not sure about Maine, but there are a few of us in northeastern MA and southern NH. I am always willing to travel for games!

I did play someone a while back (2 years now?) from the Portland area at a small tournament in Derry, NH. I played Dwarfs, he played Herd - could’ve been you?

That was me! Am heading out for the long weekend, but will message you when I get back.

You might join the Northeast US Kings of War FB group (, there are quite a few events across the region, though I can’t remember the last one I saw in Mass, let alone Maine.

One of these days I’m destined to visit Portland, making a mental note that there’s KOW to be had. Y’all have a local game store up there?

Thanks for the post, Boss. Portland is a great city and fun to visit, but I’ve been playing in a friend’s basement for the last couple of years. We have a couple of good FLGSesses but I’m not aware of any KoW scene at either of them.

I would gladly meet you for a game if you’re in town, though!