Armada Adventures!

Need to start this off with giving credit where credit is due. Have not painted in well over 3 years and honestly was on verge of selling off my stuff, that is until I stumbled across Armada and had an overwhelming need to paint resparking the joy I had for the hobby. With that said i have to thank Mantic for these awesome models and equally awesome game to go with.

So without further ado I wanted to share my starter set and stuff to come. Starting with the Orcs

Have to say overall I am quite happy with them, tons of fun to paint and plenty of crisp edges to highlight. Had some issue with my paint on the sails post wash. First time using ArmyPainter Dark tone and it just would not come back to my base tone, only a muddy dark orange. So had to be quite extreme with highlights to get them to show and hit them all with bloodletter glaze after to try and blend it all in. Also first time doing a water base…still don’t quite have hang of it but its passable I think but defiantly room to improve.


These ones were a headache from start to finish and will definitely have to revisit at some point to touch up.

The way I went about the sails almost drove me insane, did a blue pin wash then using airbrush and whites natural transparency to bring it all back in line and lighten up the shadows. The ships themselves I was fighting at every step with my pallet choice, just every color I picked was fighting me either in coverage or the actual paint itself (Pretty sure my whites and blues are just bad). Overall was at the point of getting them bare min tabletop presentable and moving on or I was going to burn myself trying to get the “right”.

With that said and one game under my belt, Was playing the Orc’s and failed EVERY boarding attempt… I have my next project in the game already lined up.


Looks great! :slight_smile: it really is a fun game, it gave me a boost as well. :sailboat:

Fantastic work. Really glad you had fun painting it and the game got you excited for the hobby again. Amazing to hear.

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Beautiful work! I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with the Dwarf ships, I find them to be super relaxing and fun to paint.

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Great job, cannot wait to see the Dwarf additions!

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