Armada EasyArmy bugs and suggestions

Ahoy friends. Decided to start this topic in hopes to gather EasyArmy Armada bugs and quality of life improvements suggestions in one place. Would be great if someone took this to the right authorities at Mantic.


Veteran Crew cost doesn’t round up properly for ships when quantity is other than 1.
Example: One Veteran Crew Gur Panther is 14,4 = 15pts.
Two Veteran Crew Gur Panthers are summed up as 29pts, instead of 30pts.
If this cannot be easily fixed maybe remove quantity option from the roster entirely, forcing every ship to be added separately (which is one click per ship, once all options are selected, anyway).

Increased Storage upgrade is non-functional.
The upgrade takes up an Upgrade slot, instead of adding one. To work according to rules intention the Increased Storage should add two additional spaces for upgrades when used (One from the rule itself, another to free up the slot it occupies when selected). The easiest fix I can see is to create two additional slots for each ship (S-XL), but have them locked until Increased Storage is selected on one of the previous 4 slots.

Upgrades that change turning angle/weapon position value/stat value do not change the card display.
The crew level is updated based on the choice when adding the ship, but turning angle, additional weapons and stat differences does not translate onto the card. Example: Gur Panther with Sturdy Construction still display as Nv 21, Sp 28.


Move up / Move down buttons are very small. Would be huge improvement to have them both resized to double width and separated. There’s a lot of space to do this, so it shouldn’t be an issue.

Will be adding bugs and suggestions to this post in the future. Any feedback is welcome.


good shout, no point in taking it to Mantic as easy army has nothing to do with them.

If you email Gregg himself using this email he’ll know what systems the errors are for.

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Thanks. Already done that. Figured to leave the topic here so that people can drop new bugs and suggestions in the future. Will update first post accordingly.

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