Armada news on Mantic blog - flyers and magic

As advertised earlier, there are new supplements coming for Armada introducing flyers and more magic. See the fresh posts on the Mantic blog: about the Seas Aflame supplement book, and about wizards and magic cards.

I am looking forward for the flyers, apparently each fleet/faction will get two of them, for the rules on fortifications and especially for the campaign rules (I really enjoyed playing a Vanguard campaign). However, I have a mixed feelings about the newly itroduced magic rules. I would not mind a few more spells and adding wizards on the board of the ships. However, 50 spells for general use and additional faction specific ones looks far too many for my taste.


My reading of the brief preview is that there is a collective pool of 50 spells, of which each faction has access to 20.

With a single caster per fleet, and one spell per turn, it isn’t going to be a massive magic fest (esp as opposable)?

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After re-reading the preview, I agree there might be a pool of 50+ spells the factions will share and have access to 20 of them, each faction to different ones. It still seems too many to me reminding me of the WHFB magic format that I disliked a lot. My preference would be a general pool of no more than 10 spells and each faction getting additional 2-3 specific ones. Too many spells makes the game more chaotic and less enjoyable for me, though I guess other people may like it.

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remember that the magic rules are optional and not in the new expansion, if you prefer your Armada without magic in your group then just don’t add that deck.
If you want a slight increase to the magic then your gaming group can probably choose what to include limiting factions to 5 spells or a draft to limit.
Of course until we see them we’ve no idea if it will make a massive difference or not