Armada Orc crew conversion

I was putting off assembling my Armada Orcs until I could find a way to set them apart, and I think I found something that no one else has done yet…

I put together some crew to man the cannons, along with a lookout atop the mast…

The actual pinning of the crew in place was no trouble at all, but I did have to raise the central mast so they could actually be seen. That was a big issue, which necessitated me pinning the masts as well since I lost the original connection points and I will probably have to go back in to run wire between the sails for more stability.


Those crewmen (creworcs?) are really cool!


Here is my first attempt on putting together a fortification, a 50 mm generic square for use either as a Land Fort or Sea Fort. I set each of the corners as a blank socket to allow the cannons to be turned to face the opponent…

…or to allow different crew tops to be placed and show ownership of the fort for missions allowing storming / capture…


Very neat stuff! Those tiny orcs amaze me.

Here is my next fortification, a 30 mm generic square for a medium size Shore Gun Emplacement or Shore Mortar Emplacement. The tops are open to allow switching between weapon types or different crews…


Some of the other Hammerfist conversions here on the site were great inspiration on removing the rotators on the front, I replaced mine with a morning star ram…

…and with no open gun decks on these for cannon crew, I put together a new pose holding spears and shields matching the same style of the Smasher’s model to tie them together.


Here is another fortification; building off of my 50 mm generic square, I put in towers for use as a Watchtower which is also in the large category just like both Forts. Each is also socketed to allow easy switches of tops for control changes, and I will put together more flags to match other fleets’ colors…

…the dock below is there only for visual appeal. I kept that loose to allow easy removal when measuring to / from that side.


On the Blood Runner and the Bomb Boat, I had to move up each of the masts before re-pinning with a spacer to make room for any crew…

…but with the mostly closed decks on both, there was not much to do as far as any poses for crew, so I just went with regular standing with a shield on these. The Smasher with its open gun deck was definitely the best result out of each of the Orc ships so far, and I do not think I will even try to add anything to the Rabble.


Yes the rabble seems like it might just be a little too tricky. Great work all around though!

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Super cool! Yours look much nicer than mine… I got a handful of orcs from Microworld 3mm, but they didn’t look that awesome, so I only put them on a few.


Thank you for the heads up on Microworld @pancakeonions; I know the ships are supposed to be in the range of around 1/600, but the scale drifts between the center and bow / stern on each one, so I picked 1/285 personally because 6mm was the smallest I thought I could model individuals at.


And here is a goblin crewed Rabble test ship. Since they are smaller than Orcs, I put these together at 4.5mm instead of 6mm, and angled all of their legs to allow them to lean over from the sides since there is no real deck space on these…

…did I regret my choices while highlighting noses that are 1/3 mm long… yes, but I think not as much as I will when trying to pin in the rest of the Rabbles still on the table. :expressionless:


Goodness, why would you try to highlight something that small?!?

I salute your dedication to excellence!


Tiny and ready for action! Tiny action, but action nonetheless.