Armada second wave before Christmas?

I have noticed the Wayland Games already have the first boxes of Dwarf and EoD fleet on preorder. When one clicks on a more details button the time to the release date is revealed. I have thought the second wave would come some time in January 2021 but (if it is not a mistake) according to WG we may get the first products for the second wave at about the same time the Armada starter set is released. Is it really true.

Certainly not according to Mantic and their release schedule!

The very definite answer from them is Q1 in 2021.

Don’t necessarily take what WG say on their website - or at times expect models to show up for months! They appear to have a bit of a rep for offering out of stock/unleased stuff for sale.

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Thanks for your response. My view is the same - most likely a mistake at the WG site. It still made me curious, especially because they show official pictures of the Dwarven and Dust boxes that I do not recall seeing before. Anyway, if the second wave was really to be released earlier than in 2021 I guess the products would already be for preorder on the Mantic site too.

So a lot of the promo stuff get released to store/major suppliers, but usually with a caveat/release dates etc

aye, if they can get people to pre-order with them they’re not above taking massive liberties with the dates. Once the money is in their accounts it can sit there quite happily

I just got it confirmed from a Czech eshop that sells Mantic products that the Dwarfs and EoD fleets should come out in first quarter of 2021. The guy who runs the shop got the information directly from Mantic. So, there is indeed no change to the original release schedule.