Armada simple gaming aids

After a couple of live games, Moonraker Andy suggested a couple of simple gaming aids that could assist in running a smooth Armada game.

We had noticed that it was sometimes difficult in a crowded battle to measure of ships were within 3” of each other – important for boarding and point blank range shots.

A simple 3” template with a handle is easier to manoeuvre in this situation than a conventional straight rule.

Similarly, a 2” template with handle can help check if your flag ship is in danger of running aground.

For those who have bought the acrylic templates, the card ones supplied with the core game might appear surplus to requirement.

However, cutting the card ones down allows you to position the template in situations where the full-size template would not easily fit and makes turning angles much easier to check.

I hope you find these ideas useful.


Simple idea but I love it. Did you just use plasticard for the 2/3 inch ones

Yep, plasticard.

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Great ideas, indeed, thanks for them! Finally, I also know what to do with the acrylic template for turning, will cut it in two. :laughing: That’s because it really irks me that the template part one attaches the back of a ship to is quite a bit broader than it should be (I mean broader than 30mm).