Army builder ready for 3ed

It looks the long wait is over:


My main take away in text for people who can’t watch the video yet.

Easyarmy is moved to mantic servers at It is currently in beta but will be released “very soon”.

Basic list building features are still free. The unit selection is based off of the book statblocks with a button for thumbnails of mantic models of the unit if available. Once added, they take on the standard easy army spreadsheet style in the list itself.

Subscription required to use the full features (2$/month, 20$/year). This is mostly quality of life things it looks like: saving 100 lists, easy sharing. It also gives immediate access to updates as soon as they happen.
One key feature of the previous version is locked behind the subscription, namely the rules pages from the old version are now subscriber only.


It is up and running! Hurrah, rejoice! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Very nice! I like that the layout is in line with the books. It’s these details I really appreciate.

nice one, worth the waiting

now we just need Vanguard and Deadzone


For Vanguard one can still use the AB available at the old easyarmy site. I have not checked it but guess that only the recent abyssal dwarfs faction is missing an update there.

Whew ok. This has massively improved the whole experience of KoW for me really, just messing about with it yesterday. Inspired me to get my order in for all the metalised movement trays I need :smiley:

Anyone else only able to create a single army in this? I can’t create a second one.

Think you need the paid subscription to keep several lists stored.

Limiting it to just one army seems rather draconian. Surely it’s a bug and not intentional?

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Happy to have EasyArmy back, nice to have all the stats and will be using this for tournament lists … because it will likely be required :wink:

FWIW, I vastly prefer GoodArmy for actually figuring out new lists, especially on mobile. Much faster and lighter weight.


You have to go back to the main page and delete your 1 list, then you can make a new one. It’s a pita as it autosaves any list you make, forcing you to go through this process each time.

I’m not having this issue - if you don’t name the list (ie Army Name on the options page), it can’t save it as far as I can tell.


That was where I was making my mistake, didn’t realize that the name box was optional, thanks!

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