Azgars Hellforged Legion of Brass

With my Free Dwarfs of Bowland project nearing completion and having the luxury of a home gaming table I was casting around for an army to be their nemesis in a future Narrative campaign :slight_smile: After some deliberation I decided that the best match would be the Dwarfs Dark Cousins , the Abyssal Dwarfs, and so set about collecting and painting an Abyssal Dwarf army.

First off I wanted an impressive centrepiece Model to instill fear into the hearts of my foes , what better than the might Ancient Abyssal Halfbreed to carry my General into battle ?

Once I had established the Colour scheme for my evil Dwarf army I forged :slight_smile: ahead with the units. To protect the General I painted a couple of Regiments of Immortal Guards to help hold the battle line.

To give the Army some fast attack capability I went with Abyssal Halfbreeds as they are cool models and a champion to help keep them on the table :slight_smile:

Then it was on to the Mighty Obsidian Golems , the new Charnox model wasn’t available so the Hordes are just the ordinary models but I have enough spare to make an extra horde when I get around to buying a Charnox :smiley: I also 3D printed some terrain to put on the hordes so I have a “Handle” to pick them up with to avoid damaging the models lol and to accompany the shambling Hordes I painted two Iron Casters to add abit of inspiring and Surge Shenanigans :heart_eyes:

Once these hordes were completed I had the heart of my Army , I moved onto the War Machines painting Heavy and Light Mortars and Dragonfire Teams.

I also started to paint a Greater Obsidian Golem to provide some heavy support , just need to finish the base :smiley:

And I also started to make some Troops of Blacksouls from normal Dwarfs and spare Immortal Guard heads before the new plastics were announced lol

Once Covid hit I started playing games on Universal Battles and it was there that I discovered the utility and fighting worth of both Mastiff Regiments and Grotesque Hordes , so I have since added both of these to the Legion

Next on the List are HexCasters , more Grotesques and perhaps more Halfbreeds. Azgars Hellforged Legion of Brass will be ready for when the UK Tournament scene opens up again but has already proved effective in the Virtual world :hugs:

More to come soon :smiley:


Love to see some Abyssal Dwarfs, looks great! :smiley: