Azimyth's Random Painting Thread

This will be where I post my work in progress and completed projects. It will mostly be Twilight Kin with a smattering of Star Wars X-Wing

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First up an Archfiend WIP, trying to decide what colour to paint the loin cloth


Some older models I finally multi based(apologies for the shaky photos):
Tallspears(model at the back’s spear broke after gluing it in place)




Some X-wing ships(for scale the smaller ship bases’ are 4x4 cm and the large is 8x8)
Tie/Vn Silencer:

Upsilon Class Command Shuttle(has been given the name Shikaku by a fellow player)

Tie/Ba Interceptor


Neat ships! For the loincloth, maybe a darker red?

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Progress has been made:

The skin wasn’t pale enough, so that was lightened. Armour needs highlighting next as well as the fur.


Been a while. Finished and based the Archfiend. There’s some definite painting mistakes but it’s good enough for the tabletop. The loincloth is a lot more shaded than the pictures show.


It’s been a while. Work has been somewhat hectic.
I bought this second hand and it was assembled and undercoated with a 1 broken snake and the crown is a bit damaged, plus I had to ‘snap’ off the other wing to be able to paint.
The colours are wonky in the photo. The model is actually a lot darker in general .I’ve put a turquoise glaze over the green scale so those should appear a lot bluer.
I’m thinking of doing the crown in gold, the pillar as pink-grey marble and using a vallejo shifter in the blue green range on the wings.


A slightly better photo


That’s great model, I think pink grey marble is a great choice. Goes well with the overall colour pallets you’ve chosen.

I’ve been on holidy but progress has been made.

The marble has come out nice, I just need to add some of the lines that run through it.
I also tried out the Vallejo colour shift paints on the wings. This is the Green-Blue-Violet paint.

There are some spots where I need to repaint a satin or gloss black so that effect shows up, but the effect is really nice.
These paints go on really easily, especially with an airbrush. I don’t have one, so there are some brush marks that I need to go back and fix as well