Background for Kingdoms of Men army

This is the background (work in progress) for my KoM army. I really like to get into the fluff and having an army with a story is something I like to do. Any suggestions are most welcome as I want it to fit within the existing lore.

I have used the maps and background in the rule book to try and fit my factional town within the exisiting boundaries.

The Army of the Lord of Callenburg.

Located on the southern slopes of Mount Callen the Town of Callenburg is an emerging power within Valentica. There is an abundance of mineral resources and ready trade routes down the river Valen to the Endless Sea as well as by short overland route to the Deel of Eren, which allows for access to the River Erena and the Infant Sea. These ready trade routes, made secure through a mix of treaties and enforcement by Callenburg forces, have created enormous wealth for the Town.

The Lord of Callenburg was born from a long line of Knightly houses and as such his rule embodies the chivalric code. This, along with significant taxation concessions, has led to many a noble Order of Knights establishing Callenburg as their home.

The Lord and his family, along with his close retainers, reside in the castle of Callenburg. This castle forms the central point of the town itself which is a hive of activity through the various trading houses and down to the river docks.

The military forces are made up of Knights along with well armoured and trained Household Guard which make up the core of the infantry. Mercenaries from Primovantor make up much of the rest of the army and while the coin flows their loyalty is unquestioned.

The Lord himself and the mightiest of the hero’s ride to battle on Pegasus captured and tamed from the highest slopes of Mount Callen.

The Lord of Callenburg has developed a fierce reputation and will march to war at the request of Lord Darveld of Valentica, who he considers a close ally and friend. This alliance has led to Callenburg adopting the same policies concerning non-humans that Lord Darveld has been implementing. This has led to many non humans leaving the town and a strict human only recruitment strategy within the armed forces.

Deeply suspicious of magic the Lord of Callenburg is Loathe to employ magicians unless in the most dire of circumstances. Even then he is known to put a guard of his most loyal soldiers on the magicians with orders to cut them down should the magic go awry.


I agree with the creation of a backstory for an army. It adds a cinematic feel to the actions of the miniatures on the table.
I like where your story is heading. The only suggestion I put forward is perhaps to name a few charactors/units/items in the army. Does the Lord of Callenburg have a first name or nickname that only his closest friends use? Perhaps he uses the Sundering Dawn in battle, a mace which sparks with each impact? For me its the small deatils that make it.
But great work so far!


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Absolutely, I will work on some names and individual stories for the hero’s. I am attending Cancon in January for the big event in Australia so want to let some of the nicknames naturally evolve from that event.

Perhaps a son and heir would be nice to name and family crest / flag to tie in a colour scheme. If you can find a copy somewhere then Tony Bath’s “Setting Up A Wargames Campaign” has a random family generator.

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There is a website called, which is my go to for making characters. They have a random name generator which draws from real world sources, and which you can customize extensively, not just by gender but also by cultural/ethnic origin. Plus the results are displayed as links to the etymologies of the name, so you can pick names based on meaning and not just sound (which is good for developing the characters background and personality). You can also get them in batches for quicker filling out of the ranks of characters.

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