Banggit - Range and use without power!

Hello again! Yet another rule squery from me, but specific to banggits (hence a new thread).

On the Banggit card (on easy army) the rules for dodgy grenades say:
Pay (X) power to make a Ranged attack with the Dodgy Grenades. Before the attack is made, roll a single die and add (X) to the result. On a result of 8 or more, the grenade explodes before being thrown - the Banggit suffers 1 automatic hit with Piercing (X) and the ranged attack fails. Otherwise, the attack proceeds as normal with Piercing (X).

There is no mention of the range however, and also no mention of what one can do without power. Can I throw a non-piercing grenade without spending power?

Further to this - has anyone used Banggits in a game? How did they work out for you? I’m getting on epredominantly because I like the model, but they seem a bit high on points for their effectiveness.

Hold the phones - I see this was (partly) answered in the latest warband update - it’s just not on easy army yet. 6" range. Still not entirely clear if one can use them without spending points - I assume so as otherwise the banggit wouldn’t be much use if you have no command points left!

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You can just choose to spend 0 power - so X is 0. You’ll add X to your roll (0), and gain X piercing (0 piercing).

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also if ever Easy Army is different to the published warbands, just use the email address on easy army to let the developer (Gregg) know and he’ll get it fixed up quick. It’s just a one man show so sometimes things slip through QA.