Bard's Sylvan Kin

Picked up a bunch of GW Wood Elves from a friend that had been based painted but weren’t standing up to time.

I added Galadriel from GW’s hobbit line, and picked up a box of Dryads to round out the army.

To get it KoW ready I only needed to repaint one unit of dryads, build and paint a new unit of them, paint up Galadriel and Build and Paint the Wiltfather, then base the lot.

I think I put in about 6 hours of effort all up.


Beautiful old wood elves there.

Does Galadriel scale ok? A lot of the lotr models are great but slightly smaller than hero scale stuff.

I guess the really old wood elves aren’t as exaggerated as some of them?

Can’t wait to see it finished.

probably not going to do more to the army unless i take it to a tournament (where i’ll touch up the other painted stuff) or add points to it if required

The Galadriel is certainly small, but it’s the base size that really matters. I like that she is smaller than the others - like a cute shorty that cannot be underestimated.