Base Size for Dwarf Berserker Lord on Brock

This could just be me being silly, but does the Dwarf Berserker Lord on Brock go on a 25mm x 50mm base or a 50mm x 50mm base?

The rules say that he’s cav, which suggests 25 x 50mm but the picture on Mantic’s website looks more square like a 50 x 50mm

The berserker lord on badger is on a standard 2550 cav base. The king on large beast is on 5050.

The model pictured is effectively the unique character sveri - who is a large cav model (but can easily be fitted on a cav base - think an earlier version of the model came with one)

The Berserker Lord on brock is on a Cav Base (25×50mm). Mantic doesn’t sell a specific model, bit u can use a spare brock rider. The pic shows Sveri Egilax in Hellbrock, a “Living Legend” from the Free Dwarfs list. (The Model could also be used as a Dwarf Lord on a Large Beast with a 50x50mm base).

Thanks both :slight_smile: