Basilean Army

Is there a started set that has Basilean units? Or should I get a different starter set and then Basilian units?

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If you want to play Basilea, I would definitely recommend getting a Basilean army. Either the Ambush starter set or the larger army / Mega army sets depending on how much you’d like to invest. Then add whatever specific Basilean units look interesting. (like a Phoenix for example.)

All can be found here, for instance:
Basileans - Mantic Games

You don’t need a “starter box” or such to play, just get the minis you like as well as the rulebook and some dice and you’re pretty much good to go :slight_smile:

The “two army starter sets” can make sense though, especially if you have a friend who’d also like to start playing. Then it may be a good deal to get one of those and split the minis.

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The Basilea army is one of the older armies, so some of the models aren’t the greatest in all honesty (but you don’t need to use mantic models)

The Ambush set has 40 of the new men at arms, so swordsmen, spearmen or crossbowmen and is good value to get a big chuck of regular infantry.

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Basilea has two playing styles (it changes from edition to edition, though) but generally Basilea does 2 things wel:

a) use very tough units with high nerve and defense and keep them alive using iron resolve and heal and try to outlast the enemy. In this army, hordes of men-at-arms and regiments of paladin foot knights feature prominently. Other than big blocks of infantry, this army is generally supported by heroes, ogre palace guard and phoenixes.

b) go faster-than-fast and beat the enemy before they have time to react. This army features knights and angels supported by cheaper units like gur panthers.

For a newer player, I would recommend the first playing style , as it’s somewhat forgiving. the 2nd is very powerful in the right hands, but a single mistake can cost you the game.

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