Basilean Bearer of the holy Icon

The rulbook states for this hero: Individual/Inspiring/ Iron resolve
The army list bearer adds: Holder of the Holy Relics
I can’t find anywhere n the rulebook what ‘older of the Holy Relics’ means or can do. Can someone tell me the page in the rulebook?

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It’s a new ability in the latest Clash of Kings update.

All the “standard bearer” heroes got an extra rule unique to the army.

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ah ok, thx

And if you don’t have your Clash or the builder handy, it does this:

In the Movement phase, after this unit has completed its order, choose one Friendly core unit with the Human Keyword within 12”. The Target unit receives an Aegis Fragment if possible.


hi Boss, thx, I had it already but it raises the following question:
The unit that received the fragment. The next round, the bearer can do it again and the same unit can receive another one except when the previous one wasn’t used yet, I presume.
Interesting for keeping a valuable unit alive :slight_smile:

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