Basilean Colour Schemes

Hi Everyone,

I’m geeting some Basileans for Xmas - a Vanguard warband to be precise and was wondering if anyone has some good tips on a colour scheme? I like the blue, but I already have Goblins with a blue clothing theme and Northern Alliance that are quite heavy on the blue too.

Any good examples people have of some alternative Basileans? I’d also like to put together some fluff. I was considering if they aere perhaps going to be a warband that goes out and hunts down smaller threats around the edges of Basilean territory, maybe use that to help link in to why they aren’t in the usual blue.

Happy to hear any and all thoughts/ examples!


I would imagine that different orders or regions would use different colours, so whatever works for you.

Basliea appears to be loosely based on Byzantine, so this might be interesting:


That’s a cool link, thanks! I’m leaning towards a Green hue, thinking of them as a bit of an outriding, scouting froup that want to blend in (as much as heavily armoured shiny helmed warriors can!).

Green is linked to kandidatoi apparently, but I have no idea what that means…

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They were Imperial cavalry bodyguard - primarily a ceremonial role.

Quite a few armies didn’t have a cohesive uniform colour - with each regiment/battalion/legion etc having separate colours - keep armour and basing the same but vary cloth/cloaks/shields by units (or have a few in each, with comparably painted heroes to ‘lead’ each group)


Rangery types in green makes sense to me!

Uniforms are a rather modern notion, it was not logistically feasible for most of history.
Similar equipment and shields maybe, but you brought you own clothing and often equipment too.

Historical gamers are made by finding out what that means and then finding out another thing and another and so forth.

Eventually you want to see it on the table and get an army and want to play rules that simulate history (i.e. what you’ve been reading) a little more… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Cool, thanks for the info - my guys will be more than ceremonial I hope!) but then fantasy can differ from reality :slight_smile: Different uniforms across an army makes sense, so it feels “realistic” in a fantasy gaming world sense that my warband could differ from the “usual” colours.

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I think I care enough for my warbands/armies to make sense “within universe” so to speak, but I can’t see me going full on historical any time soon! I respect those that can put in the time and effort but I don’t count myself amongst their number.

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You don’t have to be a historian to enjoy history.
You only need to enjoy history to appreciate historical wargames.


i did purple, yellow and Ivory


Really nice! I like the cream colours too - if mine look half as good I’ll be happy!

Those looks great.
Also (in a historical context) a gratuitous display of wealth; which sounds like something Basileans would do.

Premature congratulations on the Basilaen warband then. It’s one of the (of not the) best set of miniatures I’ve ever painted. I chose the ‘standard’ blue in the end, but always had a soft spot for purple/ivory Basileans. Maybe because the Byzantine Empire in Crusader Kings and Civ is purple?