Basileans: raising the army from the dust

So these have been sitting just over there for years,

and I figured it it was time to do something with them. So I moved them to just behind me about a year ago. This week I’ve pulled them down and started to clean them up. I reckon I have 5 regiments of paladins and 4 heroes.
So I thought I’d get them cleaned and catalogue how to paint the little fellas


Wow, this is easily the biggest pile of unpainted Confrontation Minis, I saw in years. Do you have some hero minis of the Lions’ faction too?
Epic choice for Basilea, I am really looking forward to see the minis with some paint. :blush:

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I’ve the Royal Standard that will be an icon bearer, then two mages, and I’m going to use Sered from the Griffons as my high paladin. Then I’m using these two figures from Cadwallon,

will be a pheonix and

will be High paladin on dragon. I know they’re more griffon themed but I love the look


A full Rackham KOW army?? I’m already impressed :astonished:

Good luck with the heaps of metal!


cheers, it’s only about 1400 pts I’ll add additional units after to flesh it out, I have Elohi to work on as well as sisters… maybe some ogre palace guard will have to come my way

yeah I had them kicking around for a long time looking for an excuse

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