Basliea v3 list conglomerate

This is purely for us Basilean players who would like to post our lists and the ideas behind them to get our creative juices going. I would like us to refrain from discussing units only and keep our posts to list ideas and how the units operate together.

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Here’s my initial 2250 list after going through things.

3x regiment of Paladin foot guard: paladin defender upgrade, 3 aegis fragments

2x troops man at arms with swords with command upgrade

Horde of ogre palace guard with chalice of wrath

Horde of elohi with brew of strength

Dragon with aegis of the elohi


Samarcis mother of Pheonix’s

High paladin with aegis fragment, heal, shroud of the saint.

The idea behind this army is grind, grind, grind. I ran something simliar in v2 but without the access to soul drain I needed to find a way to heal more and do more damage with my main combat line. The plan with the elohi is now to be a counter punch unit that can also zone out other fast units.

Samarcis seems to be a shoe in for anyone who would like the capabilities of the old version of the pheonix. Since she is the the same cost as a pheonix now and comes with all the stuff you would want from a pheonix I think she’s a must take before you get a pheonix.

Your Roman theme stuff looks great! Hope you post your army.

You know all this stuff, but for sake of discussion I’ll lay out what Im looking at for my Basileans.

Using only Elite troops is a bit limiting. Since there are more light Armor choices in Basileans than Paladins. I would advocate for the Men At Arms hordes with 21/23 nerve from Vet Command. And bastion will get them to 22/24. At 175+15 hitting on 4+ and forcing the grind, might be surprisingly tough. Jamie did really well with his Dwarf list last weekend with 4 Horde units and they were 1" slower.

2 Units of Elohi, 2-3 some units with fireball 8 and a hero angel or two. Could be really tough to break and have some flexible punishment. For sure needs double the points to break the front line, 2 Cav units still might not do it if there was cover and each one is only 190 pts. Even a heavy attacker like Soul reavers or berserkers can’t break them in one go. Iron resolve, Radience of Life, will backfire and trap them on the charge, a martyrs pray will prevent the death of that unit, while the flankers come finish the job. The enemy will need to deploy just right and take heavy planning to break that line and impervious to shooting for sure. And the Elohi will likely mow them down even without Nimble and TC1.

I personally don’t have that many Humans built, so I might do the Cav unit instead and see if I can keep them alive. There is a delicate balance between taking initiative and getting the most of your hitting power with Cav armies. Elohi are more like Jumping Cav now. They can basically jump over your units instead of act as flankers now since they don’t have Nimble.

Priest seem like an autotake since they have inspiring too.

High Def units
Paladin Foot Guard ( Aura Elite ) Seems like an autotake.
Paladin Knights
Ogre Palace Guard ( Brutal )
Paladin Chaplain
High Paladin
Ogre Palace Guard Captain (brutal)
Gnaeus Sallustis [1]
High Paladin on Dragon
Samacris, Mother of Phoenixes [1]
Jullius, Dragon of Heaven [1]

Paladin Chaplain ( heal 2 and anti Hex/Weakness )
High Paladin ( heal 2
Priest ( Heal 3 and anti Hex/Weakness )
High Paladin on Dragon ( heal 4 )
Gnaeus Sallustis [1] (Heal 4)
Danor the Wizard [1] (Heal 2)
Samacris, Mother of Phoenixes [1] ( Heal 5 )

Healing Brew
Shroud of the Saint
Aegis of the Elohi
Sacred Horn ( aura Elite 3" extension )
Dragonshard Shield
Blessing of the Gods (Elite on Priest with Martyr’s Prayer is amazing)
Aegis Fragment

Martyr’s Prayer
Banechant from priest
Radiance of Life from Samacris
Dread from Jullius

I think you’re right that the horde of men at arms with spears will be a great unit. It’s the best all around horde option in the army when you include the new rules for unlocks. A solid choice with plenty of ways to buff them and keep them in the fight.

Basilea looks like it has become more of a hammer and anvil type list but with plenty of options to choose from in both the hammer and anvil category.

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This is the latest iteration of a 2300 point list I’ve been trying out. I’d really like to get the Dragon in alongside Jullius but I’m not sure what I could realistically lose to make it fit

3x regiment of Paladin foot guard: paladin defender upgrade, 3 aegis fragments
1x Horde of Spear Men at Arms, Command, Aegis Fragment, Brew of Strength
1x Gur Panther troop
1x Paladin Knight regiment, Brew of Sharpness, Aegis Fragment
2x Elohi regiments
War Wizard, Swap FB for LB, Mounted, Boomstick
Abbess, mounted, blade of slashing
Priest, Banechant, Shroud of the Saint

I think you’ll have enough points for the dragon if you drop the abbess, the panthers and a regiment of elohi. But you are already very low on chaff so dropping your one source of chaff might not be the best.