Bay of Kings - 2 day event - Battle reports Games 1-5

My first round was vs. Jesse Burke with his gorgeous Trident army. Also Excited to get my Frostmoons on an Arctic table! Woohoo!

Several slides of the match are below. The mission has 5 tokens on the board and we need to be within 3" of them with the most unit STR at the end of the game.

I have the majority of the tokens at the end of this one. Was a great matchup. Thanks Jesse for a great game! Results I think it was a 17/3 or 18/2 win for Goblins.


Gorgeous armies on both sides of the table, excellent work gents. And thanks for sharing!

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My Round 2 was not so spectacular.

I ran up against Ryan Munsell - Fantastic player.
His list was a denial Nature list. Regen, Healing, High nerve, Rally, and compact. There are clear disadvantages, not to get overwelmed and pinned from holding objectives.

I dont recall the exact list, but it was something like this.

I overextended in this matchup. Three big failures I made. Here are the only photos I took.

First Round, I made major mistakes in deployment. I was relying on getting the tokens with my nimble archers and fast cav element. And grinding it out with the giants to hold the center. But his Flyers were faster and my line would have broken to a combined charge. So I helped back.

In the center I tried to take the middle, but his support, high nerve, and def kept me from being effective.

My back broken on 3 particlar situations. On the left I charged the water elementals that had nimble with my Chariot and Giant, and got nothing. I expected about 8-10 wounds with brutal Then- he regened and healed the damage. Huge los and now exposed on my flanks and my left side buckled. In this situation he had the initiative. I had nothing to gain from attacking him and there were no tokens to win. I put too much dedication on protecting the token.

In the middle I had a charge 14" on the flank of his fire elementals. I rolled hot on the att number with the giant with 24 Att hitting on 4+, but turned out to be 6 wounds. I also committed with the rabble. Both were melted the following turn and he in turn healed them back up.

I followed those to errors with eyeballing the distance from the Fire Elementals to my Spittler horde that was my primary winning strategy. He was 13.75" away and the Fire elementals with Haste charged me and oneshot killed my Sniffs with a hot roll. There was a later chance to hold him off and fight for a draw, but I wasn’t so lucky with the die rolls and ended up with a disappointing loss.

The Dice were not with me this game. I would roll 10 dice and get 1 hit as a normal occurance. With his resliance and regen/healing my high attrition list was doing nothing. Heartbreaking match and one of my worst dice roll swing games ive played in 2nd ed.

I did end up with 5th overall and 3 Best General. I was able to regain a lot of lost ground. I took a lot more photos, so Ill post those in a different thread.

It was great to play Ryan and now I have to have 2 Rematches with him. Once vs. Nature, and another vs. his Salamanders. I’m 0/2 vs Ryan now.


Round 3 Baslieans - Anthony Leslie

Pregame assessment

Going into round three I was floating at about 50% - mid pack. I felt like a I had a Top 5 army, but looking at the field, I knew I would have trouble with Undead, Trident, and Empire of Dust. There were a few lists I didn’t want to run into. I was thankful I did not run into one of these upper tough lists. However Anthony Leslie does have an “all in” kind of Basilean army that could loot lots of rewards.

It’s an elite list with a low drop count, with the speed to hit hard on flanks or threaten with Elohi 20” threat and hitting power. IF Im not careful the Cat troops will chaff me up and he can follow up with counter strikes or second like strikes while his Elohi and UrElohi are dug in my flank. I got lucky on a few strange wavers that kept my line protected from his own models.

I was worried I wouldnt be able to grind this one. So the idea was get all the chaff out, go for a flank and see if I could slow his Elohi if he didnt engage my chaff. Then look to the objectives of the mission which was Domincate if I recall. Yellow Flag is in the center. If I coudl keep firing all game, I might have an advantage.

I ended up with a 18/2 win, taking some heavy casualties, but I was able to remove all the models with a few lucky att rolls.

Anthony is an absolute sportsman and in the face of my Goblins he showed the most appealing and fun game. I was pleased to grind it out with his beautifully painted models.

Oh! Anthony and I met the for the first time at this event, but we have been working on some great projects together. He is painting up Abyssals right now. And they are looking amazing! I’ve already picked up my new trays and will be doing a similar project! Thanks Anthony!


Holy hell those acrylic trays :black_heart:_:black_heart:

Also that tiny, brutal Nature army filled with Mierce! Delicious.

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