Best army you ever saw?

What is the best army you ever saw? Doesn’t have to be KoW exclusively, it can be the army that inspired you to push your KoW army to the max or what got you into the hobby. I’m sure many of us had a sibling or a cousin show us the back of a white dwarf and made us drool all over the chaos dwarves big has (or was that just me…?)

Never owned this and I’ve never even seen it in the flesh.

Made me want to paint armies though. Still inspires even though it’s barely skirmish size these days.

It probably made my young mind blip from thinking about single RPG miniatures to thinking about a whole cohesive armies in fantasy.

It inspired me to start undead when I dived back into 28mm rank and flank fantasy with KoW.

Not bad for an “army” hasn’t been available for probably close to forty years.

Old undead are really cool. A year or so ago I tried to follow a WD tutorial for painting the skeletons and had a great time going with the old style. Big chunky skellies and slapping on bleached bones always going to be a pleasure.

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Anything at all by Rackham, but I’ve a special fondness in my heart for the Lions and Griffons. Stunning sculpts and a strikingly different paint style at the time.


That skeleton chariot was in fact the first proper miniature I ever owned, bought for me by my dad when I was 10? And its box would go on to become my first bitz box … which has lived inside a larger bitz box, next to an even larger bitz box, for some years now :sweat_smile:


@Niall78 I clearly remember exactly where I was when I read that advert for the first time in white dwarf, it had such an impression. I loved skeletons and played an undead army. Couldn’t wait for it to come out.
Lovely memories

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