Black Friday sales?

I got Mantic’s 15% off email today. Has anyone spotted any other decent hobby related sales online?

Personally, I’m interested in ones that would work for the UK.

Wayland Games is pretty much always 20% off and had some up to 50% off over the past week or so

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Yes, the Mantic discount brings them closer to the online stores.

I’ve often wondered about this - how come companies like Wayland games can permenantly offer 20% off? I want Mantic to get the most money for any purchase I make whilst obviously I don’t want to pay more than I have to. Why are the prices on the Mantic site so much higher? I assume there is a decent business case for why this happens but on first inspection it seems odd.

For instance, for an item worth say, £50, I can get it for £40 from Wayland (with free shipping), saving 10 to 13 pounds, with Wayland taking a cut of it on the way. Do Mantic simply sell a bulk load to Wayland/Goblin gaming and the rest, giving them guaranteed income at a lower price (maybe 40% off?!), then Wayland sell on to gain the difference? In this case I guess it would then not make sense for Mantic to offer prices lower than the others, as the others want to guarantee some sales!


Systems colliding. Manufacturer sells at recommended retail price, sells to retailers (formerly brick and mortar stores) below, in bulk, so they can sell at RRP while still making a living. Good system, but then the internet happened. Online stores which can circumvent the higher rent (and many other costs) brick and mortar stores incur can afford to provide a discount yet again.

Right now its getting even weirder with brick and mortar stores also offering discounts just to compete with the online stores. Things aren’t all changing at the same rate and it leads to this sort of thing.


Avatars of War has their 3 Dwarf boxes on sale (Seeker and Warrior are worth getting, their Guard not so much)

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Wayland also have a habit of selling stuff they don’t have in stock!


Yes, unfortunately true…

Speaking of which, anyone got any idea when Deadzone 3.0 will be back in stock? I’d like it for Xmas!

Mierce has been running their Black Friday sale through the week, but you can still get 30% off UK RRP on everything until midnight (GMT) on Friday, the 26th of November 2021 >>

EDIT: Which is 7PM EST

2 Likes has a 50% off sale on a variety of mantic stuff - not a complete range and some stuff is sold out, but FoN mega army for £50 or basilean dragon for £15 ain’t bad.

[Just search for “mantic” and trawl through search results]


@Sceleris Thanks for the heads up! Just ordered some cheap Naiads, Centurion & Greater Water Elemental

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I also nabbed some cheap bits and pieces, thanks!

Got my order through from the Troll Trader - a smooth transaction, would use again (I’d bought from him before but via Ebay).

It was 50% off the old prices so that more than covered shipping. Not much to add about the Naiads but the Centurion and Greater Water Elemental look like really nice resin kits. I’m not sure the Mantic paint jobs do them justice (they’ve gone for a v bright colour scheme).

The Elemental looks very easy to put together - one large and three medium pieces. The Wyrmrider not so much.

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