BLOODFIRE :: Salamanders Battle Reports

Tossing a link to my Salamander cough fire elementals cough battle report blog up here >>

Currently 37 games reported, and eventually I’ll do a recap of my Orc Town GT games, which will cap the project out at 42 matches covered. The army is officially retired for the time being, working on Trident Realm right now and then probably a speed build Night Stalker army for KOW 3E. Expect to read about some of those antics as well.


I love the FIRE themed Salamanders. Very cool blog. Lots of great battle reports. Id love to see close ups of the army, which models you used. I remember this from the Mantic forums. Thanks.

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Thanks! I really should run the army through the light box at this point, before packing it away officially.

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Finally writing up my Oct Town GT games from June. Day 1 is up now >>

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You defeated the Mighty SKULLFACE!!!? :skull:

And sent him back to hell :triumph:

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Day 2 is up (, and that’s Orc Town covered.

It’s also the end of my batreps for Bloodfire. 42+ matches was a good run, but I need to move on. I’ll be writing a retrospective once I take photos of the full army. Stay tuned.

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What’s next? What army?

Trident Realms by end of September, then I’ve got a Night Stalker speed paint in the pipe and, assuming they’re any good in 3E, Ogres! Whew.

Im on the fence for Nightstalkers. I think I can paint an entire army rather quickly. Spray a base coat, dry brush, add some details and contrasts- done! There are also tons of very cool alternate models out there.

I’m a hobbyist at heart, so NS are a pretty amazing dumping ground for model lines I like. I’m less thrilled about the army itself - no inspiring makes me itchy - but they definitely have some cool units and aren’t total pushovers. Stealthy also became more useful as COKs went on, curious to see what happens to it and NS as a faction in 3E.

Part of me is a little bummed that I started painting up Trident Realms earlier this year, because now everybody is doing them. Also bummed that it looks like ‘the only way’ to be competitive is to use special characters, which is 110% lame to me and speaks to poor game design (or a design ethos I prefer to keep out of KOW anyway). Secretly hoping that all named characters become Mediocre And Overcosted But With Neat Gimmicks - looking at you, Ba’su’su + Eckter + Grokagamok …

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