Bricks / stones

What size stone / bricks do you prefer ?
I have been building some walls and a house , in my “normal” modelbuilds the scale have to be correct but with Kings of war you can make really big stones for a wall which i like because it makes it look more magical / fantastic. Is there a sice you keep to or just do it willy nilly ?

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I’ve tried some things with small size, it’s nice but is a bit mundane feeling to me. Larger size lets you do more details per block and can be more eye catching in my experience.

So my opinion, I’d say if you want something subtle go smaller bricks, and if you want the structure to draw more attention relative to the surroundings (edit go large).

I like fortresses etc to be big blocks therefore while a standard house with a lot going on in a small space already I go for smaller bricks.

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Thanks for answering, and i agree it looks more fun and fantastical with big stones. But for houses i will use smaller…good advice. Thanks again.

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No worries, its probably a preference thing so maybe try both with some throw away packaging foam just to get a feel for it?

One thing that I forgot to mention is that small bricks make the piece very ‘busy’ (for lack of better word), which can be tiring to look at if you don’t have a contrasting peaceful thing that peoples eyes can naturally fall on. This can be used to bring their focus onto things like simple doors and windows.

Larger bricks tend to be much more easy on the eyes in my experience so they make good visual resting points (which is why I get the feeling they naturally draw the eye longer, but I’m no expert in this stuff.)

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Good point.