Brothermark (2k)

My sons decided we needed to add a human army to our collection, so Brothermark it is. I like the combination of strong cavalry, trash spam, and siege artillery. Thoughts on the following 2k list?

Brothermark 2k [2000 / 2000]
~ List Valid ~

The Order of the Brothermark [2000]

Villein Penitents (Infantry) Horde (40) [125]
Villein Penitents (Infantry) Horde (40) [125]
Men-at-Arms Swordsmen (Infantry) Horde (40) [190]
Veteran Command [15]

Villein Bowmen (Infantry) Troop (10) [70]
Villein Bowmen (Infantry) Horde (40) [165]
Order of the Abyssal Hunt (Cavalry) Regiment (10) [250]
Sir Jesse’s Boots of Striding [15]

Order of the Abyssal Hunt (Cavalry) Regiment (10) [255]
Maccwar’s Potion of the Caterpillar [20]

Villein Skirmishers (Cavalry) Troop (5) [95]
Villein Skirmishers (Cavalry) Troop (5) [95]
Villein Siege Artillery (War Engine) 1 [90]
Villein Siege Artillery (War Engine) 1 [90]
Villein Siege Artillery (War Engine) 1 [90]
Exemplar Chaplain (Hero (Infantry)) 1 [85]
Battle Hymns [5]
Inspiring Talisman [20]

Priest (Hero (Cavalry)) 1 [130]
Horse Mount [25]
Amulet of the Fireheart [10]
Heal (3) [0]
Bane Chant (2) [20]

High Chaplain Augustus [1] (Hero (Infantry)) 1 [145]
Bane Chant (3) [0]
Heal (5) [0]

Total Units: 15 Total Unit Strength: 22
Total Primary Core Points: [2000] (100.0%)
Artefacts Points: [65] Inspiring Units: 3
Troops & Irregulars: 3
Regiments: 2
Infantry Hordes & Legions: 4
War Engines: 3
Heros: 3
Slots: Any(2), Hero Only(4), War Engine Only(4), Monster/Titan Only(4), Large+ Horde Unlocks(0), Large+ Legion Unlocks(0),
Average Defense: 4.0 Ranged Shots 34


Nice mix of stuff.

Only real concern is the infantry lack a bit of punch? Maybe ditch the bowmen troop and upgrade the swordsmen to monster hunters? Gives you a solid me3/de5 horde and you don’t lose a lot of shooting

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Don’t take me too seriously, I have basically no experience with this. However, my instincts would agree with Sceleris, in that there are not enough Things That Hurt in your list. The infantry isn’t going to be removing units on its own; the schooters might with some luck and focus fire, but having them take off one unit if you’re lucky and then the Abyssal Hunt another one if you combo-charge (I don’t think they’re very likely to outright destroy an anvil unit on the charge? Correct me if I’m wrong), that leaves you very vulnerable to finding your only two options for hitting back misplaced, chaffed up, wavered, or dead at a crucial point.

My impulse, then, would be to trade one of the penitent hordes and the bowman troop for another regiment of knights (just normal ones). In fact, that gets you something suspiciously similar to the Green Lady list I’ve been building for the past year and half… :smiley:

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Thanks. I was thinking of the bowmen troop as shooty chaff (70 pts with phalanx), not as a real way to kill anything.

Basically Abyssal hunt plus skirmishers plus mounted priest as a fast wing to kill things (bane chant to help in the grind). Then the rest of the army as a giant pile of nerve and objective holders while the artillery chews through.

Other than skirmishers, any recommendations for chaff? The Abyssal hunt are fast enough they can out range most things so don’t need a ton of chaff, but the infantry will never get a first charge.

I know everyone hates the crossbowmen, but 24" range plus piercing(1) is tempting for a stand-off army.

Yeah, cos they suck (unfortunately, as xbow units look cool)!

If you want static shooting get an arbalest or 2 - longer range and more damage output

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Yeah, I got the idea of them. One thing I’ve noticed in the three games I played so far is that if you have only one battlegroup which can cause serious damage, it’s pretty easy for your opponent to deploy in such a manner as to avoid them getting into the good stuff. Your shooters might help with that a bit, forcing them to move into bad positions, but I don’t know whether that’ll work out to be honest.

Maybe the artillery does more for you than I give it credit for, I dunno. At any rate, it can’t hurt to test it a few times, right?

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I play Brothermark and I’d agree with @Sceleris, crossbows are simply not a good choice for ranged attacks. They don’t hit very often at the best of times and even less when moving or the target is in cover. I have had some success running arbalests; with two units and 4+ to hit you cause damage most turns.
I’ve also found using a spearmen horde with the Brew of Strength does give you hitting power and durability, particularly with bane chant, heal, veteran command, rally, battle hymns and inspiring available.

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I like measured force on something like a pike or spear horde - decent number of attacks, will iften hang around a long time and means you can BC the flanking units!

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