Building my first KOW army (Undead)

Hello everyone, I am a new KOW player, and a very slow painter so I have decided to start a topic to display my project of building a playable army for KOW hoping that it keeps my motivated in the long run.
My most advanced army is an Undead army, I already have a few units painted but I only started basing them recently so the first few units should be posted quite quickly, then it will be back to the long process of painting.

Lets start with skeleton warriors that can be played as a horde or two regiments, next to come should be revenants, zombies and werewolves.


Very good, liking the color choices!

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Great looking units, love the rust and the snow. You know, Mantic skellies have quite a bit of charm to them still, classic Army of Darkness feel.

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looking great, good colour pallete selection, really works well

Beautifully painted skeletons. Looking forward to further updates.

Thanks everyone.
I really like those models too, really different from other skeleton models and they are really easy to assemble which is very nice when you have 40 to build.


Time for the revenants to be based, I have a second regiment painted, but I am starting to run out of basing material and I need to paint the banner so it will wait for a bit. I have also used one of the revenants as a revenant king.
I wanted to have a different look for the revenants in order to show that they are an elite unit. My idea is that they are an army of a very old civilzation woken up by necromancers. So they have bronze armor and weapons which obviously corroded for many yearsh ence the verdrigris effect. I then chose a desatured red because it seemed complementary.
They look quite different from the skeleton warriors but i hope the basing helps tiying together the different units.


It’s looking good @Gringo. Getting the balance right with snow basing can be challenging, and you are in the right ballpark on your units. Too much and it whites out the whole base. The frosty looking tough grasses work well with the snowy clumps. a few clumps of stony ground/rubble/rocks protruding from the base might add another dimension, and its dirt cheap. if you are sticking models on it, use real stones/gravel as it’ll be secure, but cork/bark/foam works well for dolmens, or outcroppings to give varied layers to your bases.

I put your advice to use with the next unit :
As the werewolves are quite small for their bases I had more space to fill so I put some rocks on it. Painting wise, I did not try to do an original paint scheme since just different fur colours, but I really enjoyed painting those models with those wide muscle pannels to get creative with highlights and shadings.


They look great

Its been quite a while since I posted the last pictures, I was busy doing something else.
I still painted and based some minis which now allow me to reach 1000 points.
Here’s a troop of soul reavers made from Perry WotR men at arms with Mantic Ghouls and Zombies heads. Really happy with the way they look, I really like painting red. :grin:

A horde of zombies that I had painted a while ago but that I hadn’t based yet. I painted them quite quickly, but I still think they look ok.

And last a swarm of bats that I will play as deathpack, they are made from bat confetti. I took the idea from this blog : Skull and Crown: Bats! A tutorial

Here’s the full 1000 points but the lighting is not really good.


It’s a great army all around but I really, really like those bats, that’s just fun and inspired. And they work perfect with your style of base.

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Oh wow! The colour choices are really great, well done!