Call to Arms Worldwide 5

I just found out this was a thing watching the KoW Community Round Up! Cheers @SteveDeathByDragons !

Kinda a shame folks don’t post this stuff here - I’d like to know for one :slight_smile:

But here’s the link where you can see results etc:

I’m hoping the Lists get updated there soon. As a new player (still no KoW for me, thanks Covid!) I am still intrigued to see what kinds of lists are used in competitive play.

@Remy77077 you’re welcome! I should probably post the updates here too at some point, but I am so very very lazy.

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Well you must spend a fair bit of time putting together the Community feedback videos so I don’t think you can really claim more laziness than most! :smiley:

And youtube subscriptions & notifications should really do the ‘updates’ job for you really… but a thread with a link to your channel and a place to discuss it on here could be cool - and people could always update it if they wanted to with a link to a video they wanted to mention. Just a thought anyway for something easy to do :slight_smile:
(I’ll probably notice later there is already such a thread and I’ve missed it…)