Carl's Empire of dust

I’ve just completed painting 2,000 pts of empire of dust and wanted to share for all those skeleton fans out there. Apparently there are a lot of them!



Well done!

I love those Mantic Usha… eh Enslaved Guardians.
Did you convert the one with two weapons? (My box only had 2-handed weapons)

Yeah he is converted.

those Enslaved Guardians look almost Stargate in that paint scheme.

That is a baller theme for an Empire of Dust army!

Thanks all. I’ve lived these models since release and although I am not keen on the way they play I am keen on the way they look.

I’ve never had purple as a thematic colour in an army so decided after 20 years of hobbying it was time to change that. I’ve always preferred bronze over silver for armour and to finish them wanted a spirit colour to use as a spot colour hence the small details are in shiny green.

Bone dragon. Sorry its not a mantic model but they don’t make these.