Casting Host Shadowbeast while engaged in CC

Is it possible for a wizard to cast Host Shadowbeast spell on himself while engaged in CC?
If I understand the rules correctly a wizard is unable to cast spells while in close combat. But the description of the spell states under ‘Targets’ that it can be cast on “friendly” and “self”. What’s the point of casting it on yourself if you can only do so out of combat?

Its basically no, you can’t use it on yourself.

The key words are there independently, and may well be mutually exclusive.

The RFO Riftforger can cast it on himself while on combat.

Don’t think there are any surgeable casters of HSB(?) but there are a couple of units that never count as Disordered (and therefore could cast HSB if able and have attacks).

I wasn’t aware of the Riftforger rules. That’s probably why they put “self” in the spell description. Thanks for pointing that out.

As for units that never count as Disordered I don’t think this makes any difference. The way I read the rules you are never able to cast spells with a caster that is engaged in combat, regardless if he is Disordered or not.

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