Charge Query

Sorry, yet another query from me. I’d be grateful if someone could clarify the rules for charging if the direct charge route would take the running model within 1" of an enemy model that is more than 1" from the moving model’s final position. Does this mean that the running model can not get past the enemy model and so may not engage its preferred target or does it simply mean that the running model must stray from the direct route to bypass the enemy model by at least 1" but can still engage the preferred target as long as it has sufficient movement allowance to do so? Presumably in the latter case, the move would not qualify as a charge as the running model has not taken the most direct route?

The attacking model can still run and engage the opponent’s model going around any intervening models (staying 1" away from them). Though, the move does not qualify as a charge. Do note that the length of the route to the model may not exceed the double movement. This is very different from KoW where the charge can go along a path that is much longer than a distance between the units.

Do also note that after completing the run action to engage the enemy model, you can still Melee as a fatigue action in the same turn. Though, you do not get the additional attack die provided when charging and your model ends up fatigued in addition to being activated.


Thank you very much for your rapid and clear response.