Charging around a blocking unit

In a recent game I had two hordes back to back about 10" apart.
My opponent had a unit in front of one unit within his 16" charge range.
He was nimble individual.
Shouldn’t he have measured each pivot and the movement to get beyond my first horde?
Then have enough
movement to complete the charge. He never measured the manuevers thinking because
he had original distance it was legal


Charge distance is always measured between the two closest points (point on charger’s front facing to closest point of enemy unit).
The individual can do its individual " free pivot", then checks if it can see and if it has range to the enemy. Then it can continue its move, using one pivot as basic plus one extra pivot from being nimble.
The actual distance moved around intervening terrain and units does not need to be measured.
So he did it correct.
What you need to check when facing such nimble individuals however if whether they can actually see your unit (and still have it within its front facing) at the point of declaring the charge, because if the individual uses its free pivot before declaring the charge to get the line it needs to be able to get around the first unit, sometimes it must pivot so far that the rearmost unit might no longer be in its front facing.

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I’m not disputing your answer, but on page 19 last paragraph and page 22 in the Big red book
it says to measure distances. If they aren’t needed why measure?

I think if you read on, it literally says somewhere that you just measure range and not actual inches moved.
The reason why is probably for simplicity. You know before moving if the charge is a success or not, unlike old warhammer where you had to nudge and fiddle (and probably disagree with your opponent) and might have to put it back again (and if so, did you put it back exactly where it was?). What I mean to say is that it can cause more pitfalls if you needed to check the actual move than just measuring range and being done with it. :slight_smile:


2nd sentence covers it.

“The charging unit moves forward to bring its front facing into contact with the facing of the enemy unit being charged. This is done without measuring how much distance they actually cover, going around any Blocking Terrain and any unit in their way (both Friendly and Enemy units).”

It’s possibly slightly counter intuitive, depending on previous games you might have played, but it makes the game a lot cleaner.