Charging from behind a taller screen

Alright, it keeps coming up, and I asked before if my tactics are kosher on facebook but I want a specific place in my book. I have an army list that uses height 4 rhinosaur cav to screen my height 3 Tyrants. I am under the understanding that I can charge my tyrants towards a unit that starts it’s turn covered by my rhino cav after my cavalry move. am I right? and if I am or am not, what part of the book is this under

Order of operations:
Rhinos (height 4) move forward with Tyrants (height 3) behind them to block LOS to Tyrants.
next turn, Rhino cav charges or moves out of the way, and when I activate my tyrants they can now see and charge something.


Yeah, fine.

Units need to be able to see the target unit when the are given the Charge order, not at the start of the Movement phase.

What you couldn’t do in the example you gave was have them both charge the same unit (unless the tyrants could see before the rhinosaurs move)


goooooot it, okay. Yea, they don’t usually charge the same unit. I have it so the Rhinos either veer off in another direction, leaving my Tyrants open to charge a unit in front of them, or charge something else. so I have been playing this right, cool!


Rules (Gamers Ed for page quotes).

P13 (Movement Phase first para). Units are given orders one at a time and complete them, before picking another. A Charge is an order covered by this.

P15 (Charge 2nd bullet point). You can issue a Charge if you can see.

P18 (Multiple Charges, 2nd para). All units in a multiple charge have to be able to see when the simultaneous Charge order is given to all units involved.