Charging thru difficult terrain

Hi guys. Hopefully not a dumb question, when you move normally through difficult terrain, you can’t move at the double, but when charging can you move at twice your movement distance through it?

Yes, and becoming hindered. Unless having pathfinder or strider.


Thanks Fred. Just finished a battle where a number of questions arose. We thought so, then got concerned because of the ‘at the double’ rule for difficult terrain.
A couple more questions - if you move ‘normally’ and end up in base to base contact with an enemy unit, can you fight it, even if a charge wouldn’t have been allowed? For example moving through a friendly unit or pivoting 90 degrees and then moving.
Final question (for now!) , can you move at the double through a friendly unit?

No fighting without a Charge order (or countercharge). Normal moves have to end outside of 1" from enemy units.

Yes you can move at the double through friendly units.

One wrinkle is Surge - you can move normally through rough and then Surge into combat. as long as you start the Surge clear of rough thats not Hindered. The range though is likely to be less than a charge unless you have a lot of Surge

Thanks guys for the quick replies :+1:. I’m sure as I fight more battles I’ll have even more questions :blush:

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I’m sure you will be asking about disengage soon enough :grinning:

Haha. My courageous KOM would never take a backward step! I don’t need to know about disengaging (yet!)

In the right circumstances its very useful for Knights and other mounted or nimble troops. This article is a good one if you have nt seen it yet

Thanks Stu. That’s an interesting read. Some of those moves feel like people exploiting loop holes in the rules. Not sure I like the spirit of them. My last battle involved a lot of ‘discussion’ around what was within the rules, and to be honest made the game a lot less enjoyable.

Some of the issues simply come from being used to a different game mechanic from another system - wheeling to contact from warhammer v pick up and place in KoW is one, the ‘elastic’ charge (where you actually travel further) another.

There are way less loopholes etc in KoW than many other games - and the RC are pretty good at clarifying stuff

The good thing is the counters are easy and pretty logical. The disengage and charge is a popular move and with nimble you can exploit a dog-legged line

I’m sure me and my opponent will be pushing the limits of nimble charges in our next battle !