Charging with Pathfinder

When making a Charge with a unit with the Pathfinder special rule that ends its Charge on Difficult Terrain, is that unit hindered?

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No, it isn’t hindered. Only when going through or ending on an obstacle.

No, only obstacles hinder the units professing Pathfnder. Do also note the Strider ability. The units with it are not hindered when charging even if going over obsatcles.

EDIT: Interesting, @Hambut beats me with his response by 22min but I have not seen his answer when replying. It looks I just did not scroll the screen far enough. :laughing:

Thank you both for the replies. It was the Strider rules that confused me, they specifically state, “… is not hindered when charging through, or ending its Charge on, Difficult Terrain or Obstacles.” (pg 38) whereas the rules for Pathfinder do not mention the unit’s position at the end of the Charge.

The Pathfinder ability does not mention Charge as it works (treating difficult as open terrain) for any movement, not only when charging. On the other hand, the Strider ability applies only when charging.