Chariots in COK 22

Hey all,

I am EoD player, having happily found a new home for my old WH tomb kings. Naturally, I own some beautiful Tomb King chariots and I want to use them. COK 22 helped in that regard by:

  • Directly buffing them via points reduction, adding of brutal/shattering and shooting becoming optional (and a Formation!)
  • Indirectly buffing them as they are one of (the only?) unit type that is not affected by rampage/slayer. I don’t know if that was intentional but it seems like an interesting gameplay choice, having one unit type that is not affected by those.

Still, I am struggeling to find a good role for them, especially compared to Rev Cav for example. How do you use Chariots in your armies? What makes them work for you and how do you differentiate them from more linear/optimzed choices? I am asking from an EoD perspective, but of course insights from all armies are more than welcome!


Commenting on the general Chariot point.

Yes, clearly deliberate to exclude them from being effected by both Slayer and Rampage (plus the secondary impact of phalanx as well).

They got hit too much in the initial v3 changes, with shooting Chariots most impacted. Most are back up to where they probably need.

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Hello, CRo

I will trying out the formation with Rahs on thursday so I will report back on how it did. I’m not too sold on the formation as regiments of chariots don’t quite do it for me. They have a large frontage and are a bit expensive to serve as chaff while at the same time are too flimsy to be a hammer. Combo charging with them is a little difficult given their width but I will see what I can pull off in my CoK 2022 game.
The Legion will be getting Caterpillar most definitely. The regiments are bare bones.

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The formation can depend on your meta. I faced off against Ogres…lol
In addition, chariot regiments hitting on 4’s aren’t that great to begin with. I see myself dropping the regiments and grabbing a second Wurm Rider horde.
The legion with Rhas’s buff hit hard but he is too pricey. I’m considering a second rev hero with surge on a horse.
My next game will see two chariot legions on the field. I’ll report back afterwards.

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Hi @Fugue ,

Thanks for reporting back to the thread, interesting to hear from your experiences on the battlefield. I too am still wondering on what to do exactly with Chariot regiments, they are not a bad unit per se but very un-defined in their role. Even more so that besides Rev-Cav we can now opt for the Wyrm riders as well.
Still, musing over it I realized that if you use surge to get into combat, you can use their shooting attack prior to the melee and potentially dish out shattering AND brutal (either to two different units or the same target). My quick check in the rule book showed only a non-stack with Dread for both special rules.

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After a long break I had a COK22 inspired game last night - Empire of Dust against Basileans.
I ran one regiment of Chariots with shooting to see how it would fare, with the following results:

  • Shooting:
    From the two times they got to shoot (6 Attacks for the regiment) no wounds were caused hence no shattering as well. For sure the number of shots in the whole game was super small and therefore probably a bit swingy, however it showed how irrelevant the plink damage might be.
  • Damage:
    The only thing they routed was a troop of gur panthers (that decisively but yeah what unit doesn’t). The Me 4+ at 12 attacks just means a low number of wounds anyway and I don’t see them breaking any half serious regiment reliably on the charge without support
  • Chaff, Tanking:
    This is actually were they really shined; they ate several shots from a heavy arbalest, a charge from the gur panthers and two rounds of melee with a paladin footguard regiment with brew of strength. All of this with no heal or drain life support. So the thicc chaff theory might be were they have their hidden talents, even if a troop of Rev Cav might hold equally long (Chariots: Ne 16, Def 4, Rev Cav: Ne 14, Def 5).

So again I find myself in a spot were I can’t really define their role but I need to get in more games for sure. I will keep using them for a while because I enjoy the models though, nothing beats undead egyption chariots rolling towards the enemy :smiley: