Clash of Kings 2019

Rules pack and a seriously generous goody bag has now been announced for this.

28-29th September in the very nice Element Games venue in Stockport (UK in case there is one elsewhere :wink: )


That’s an impressive goodie bag indeed!

I’m coming. Anyone from the forum coming as well? Didn’t expect so much goodies.

Went in 2017 - got a resin model plus bits and pieces - but nothing compared to the support this year… Had paid prior to seeing the deal, but a number of people have signed up since on the strength of the goodies!

@Andreas is going?

Dang, stuck in Finland :frowning:

I’ll be there as per usual. I’ve only missed on UK Clash of Kings so far. This year I will be taking orcs again.

Many attendees are split between either the Premier Inn across from the venue and the Alma lodge hotel. If you are going and haven’t booked a room yet the I suggest you hurry.

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I am bringing my herd army to CoK 2019, I am hoping for a mid field placing but I will probably get trashed :rofl:

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I’m looking to improve on 74th from a couple of years ago :wink:

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I dont usually love events that have no list of participants, does not name a particular person in charge I can speak to and doesnt publish a rules pack until six weeks before the event, but I still wish I was going this year. :wink:

I hope we have more than 74 players. With 3rd Ed on the horizon not everyone would be so interested to play 2nd Ed. By then we should know almost everything about the changes to 3rd Ed. That being said I’m aiming for best in race. Bringing my dwarfs with no rocks.