Clash of Kings 2022 Abyss & Salamanders leak!

TOP SECRET! Leaks from Clash of Kings 2022 washed up on the shores of Singapore! Join @5plustohit and I as we go through some of the changes to Forces of the Abyss and Salamanders!


Pumped for the Sally updates, and that confirms I’ll be adding a GFE to my rebuilt firebound in 2022 and letting the Phoenix sit for a bit. I liked the GFE for it’s Nv and small base, but actually being able to kill things is awesome. Also thrilled to have a foot CLOFD back, I don’t really like flying dragons but used a grounded one throughout 2E.

Speaking of Fire Drakes, the bump on Slashers confirms that Slashers are my choice in that slot. I already liked them for Me 3+ and Strider, more attaks seals it.


Well of Souls getting LL5 back…
With the new “healing” ability of the Choneas for nearby units looks like Abyssals could be really tanky!

Agree, that GFE buff is great.

Some good stuff in there.

The Well has been an interesting one to balance - it’s swung from too good to not very, but this seems a sound revision.

The [1] Abyssal Guard unit looks like it could be fun in the right build