Clash of Kings Australia 2024

I really enjoyed both the Direct Misfire and Counter Charge episodes with list previews. I had a snow day and fired up the list parser. Some quick thoughts on lists:
Clash of Kings Australia 2024: Analyzing the Meta - Data and Dice

Should be fun to see how all the Abyssal Dwarf armies perform!


Nice breakdown! Genuinely surprised to see so few OGLers, the Green Lady seems very good at the current meta and is very popular in the US as far as I can tell. Also shocked at so many Herd, tho I’ve been predicting they’ll bounce back in the coming year, so maybe Australia is just ahead of the curve.

And yea, obviously this many AD is unprecedented! I need to go read your review of the army post-update, there are so many little changes that I’ve found it hard to assess them all.

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Interesting breakdown, thanks.

The AD lists are all pretty different, which means the list is in a good place(?) and how different players see things.

Will keep an eye out for updates and post tournament reviews

The Herd are hard to gauge. Each unit has to be handled so delicately. If you play them right, they’re devastating, but a single mistake and the wheels fall off the bus. I view them as one of the highest skill cap armies out there…

There’s a spreadsheet linked at the bottom of the post. It has a chart that shows the list variability. AD are #1–lots of different list ideas out there. It’ll be interesting to see if that eventually coalesces around a particular build.

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Don’t I know it! The return of Twilight Kin will also hurt Herd performance overall, Kin is brutal in all phases (#nerfwhen)

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Super quick updates after the tournament:
Australian Clash of Kings 2024: A Preliminary Breakdown - Data and Dice

I plan to dig into the before and after to see what factors drove the various lists. That’s a lot of data analysis and will require some model-building. I’m out of town some of this week and all of next, so hopefully I can get to it sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed! Definitely interesting to see Dwarfs taking the top spot.


I crunched the numbers, built a bunch of different data models to test, and have a quick summary of the results:

As the title suggests: at least in this sample set, list building didn’t have a ton of impact on results, at least not in any particularly measurable way.

If there’s any other analysis you’d like to see from Aussie CoK, let me know! All the data is pulled so it’s pretty easy to analyze at this point.