Clash of Kings London 2022

Well I was half fancying getting to the next Clash but not if its in London! Anyone else put off from going?

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Not at all. Should be a great event and much easier for most people to get to :slight_smile: The community is what makes KOW great - so doesn’t really matter where it is imo.


It’s a strange choice of London venue.
There aren’t many hotels in the area, what accommodation is available will be taken by the 400 or so 40k players.

Transport in the area isn’t great, especially at weekends.

I’m on the London outskirts and it’s too much hassle for me to get to.

I’ve always thought it should be central so derby or Nottingham would be good for everyone.

As always I wish mantic great success with it, and I’ll be sad to miss it.


Most people? I guess you must be fairly wealthy? Factor in travel and accommodation and it’s not even remotely doeable for me. Luckily it appears ‘most people’ don’t have this problem!

Nope - I’m skint lol! But I’ll do what I can to be there and support mantic. Plus it will be good just to get more games in. Granted, I haven’t checked it’s exact location or even looked at accommodation yet.

What I meant by “most people” is that London is pretty accessible via all the major routes, especially if mantic are encouraging international players. With the notice they’ve given too, hopefully train/plane/accommodation costs should be at a lower rate when booked ahead of time.

It does look to be quite a bit outside of the city center, just looking it up. If I end up winning a ticket at the qualifying tournament here in the Netherlands (not exactly likely, but who knows!) I’ll attend … probably?

The London venue means I could travel by boat and train more easily, that’s nice. :smiley:


I don’t dare to come. If Joris Bohnson sees my german driver’s license, I’ll be forced to become a lorry driver! :wink:

Sorry, just had to do it, don’t want to offend anyone.

Seriously, London is much more accessable for foreigners than Nottingham (except ‘moneywise’ :clown_face:). Had to go to Nottingham once from Germany. I had to take a flight to Manchester and then a train ride to Nots, which took longer than the flight. Question is, though, how many people from other countries go to CoK anyway?


Yeah If you’re just flying straight in i’m sure it’s fine (except for your arms feeling tired) but people in the Uk are generally leery of London - its very expensive, the traffic is terrible and public transport is overcrowded. I lived there for 10+ years and have no desire to go back!


I’ll put in a defence of London’s public transport - it’s far cheaper and more regular than most of the rest of the country.


Not sure of the exact numbers, but there’s usually quite a handful from Spain and France and one or two from other countries as well. Last Clash I ended up playing two French opponents, which was a real pleasure.


London is a PITA, also not massivley keen on sharing a space with the uncouth riff-raff playing thier lesser systems. :face_with_monocle:

However I like to support Mantic at thier flagship event so I shall endevour to be there in a purely selfless act :innocent:

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what does that mean, apart from being a breadlike item?

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Pain in the…actuator.


You have to be joking :wink:

Cool. Never seen that acronym before. :grin:

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