Clash of Kings Tournament 2021 (UK)

From Mantic’s website:

Clash of Kings Tournament 2021

9th Oct 2021 09:00:00 - 10th Oct 2021 18:00:00
Firestorm Games (Cardiff) Trade Street Penarth Road Cardiff CF10 5DT United Kingdom

Get ready for the biggest Clash of Kings tournament ever! Using the all-new Kings of War: Third Edition rules, this is your chance to be the first Clash of Kings: Third Edition winner in the UK!

To ensure we can cope with demand, we’re heading to Firestorm Games in Cardiff on the weekend of October 9th-10th, 2021. This is must-attend tournament for all fans of Kings of War, with more chances to win great prizes.

This ticket entitles one person entry to the Tournament. Highlights at the 2021 event include:

  • Six challenging games of Kings of War throughout the weekend
  • Points limit increased to 2,300 points!
  • Awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place
  • Team Prize
  • Brush with Death Painting Competition (Single figure, Unit and Army)
  • Best in Faction awards (Basileans, Dwarfs, Elves, Northern Alliance, Forces of Nature, Ogres, Trident Realm of Neritica, Abyssal Dwarfs, Empire of Dust, Forces of the Abyss, Goblins, Nightstalkers, Orcs and Undead)
  • Goody bag for all attendees
  • Mantic Night Shenanigans – prize quiz, Kings of War keynote, open gaming
  • Lunch both days
  • Free on-site parking

Each player must bring a fully painted Kings of War army. Further information can be found in the rules pack, which will be available ahead of the event.


Great to see this going ahead. Timing-wise this looks well judged.

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Best in faction… but only for some factions? Cool to see more tournaments starting up again, much luck to everyone participating!

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Looks like the factions that Mantic make minis for.

I was all prepped to go last year, Airbnb was booked etc. I’ve a feeling this won’t go ahead but I hope it does. I don’t feel particularly inspired to sign up though, haven’t played a single game for one helluva long while.

Ticket sorted for this. No idea which army to go with, let alone any clue about a list!

They had initially limited the ticket numbers - with a view to increasing if spacing & restrictions etc can cope. Firestorm are moving venues later this year - new place looks great.

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The increase to 2300pts is interesting. Will this cement it as the norm?

Not gaming currently, but I toy around with lists for 2000pts. However, if the wider discussion is all about 2300 it may make me shift across. The extra 75pts makes a lot more allied contingents possible.

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A fairly soft way to encourage people to pick up their miniatures. Though does point to further consolidation a few years down the line.

I’m pretty cautious on the covid front but I’d be optimistic about this. The UK is on track to offer all adults the vaccine by the end July. Plus rates were relatively low in the UK at the end of the summer last year, even without the vaccines. Obviously nothing’s for certain at the moment but I think it looks promising.

haha I mean, bet you those Northern Alliance armies are going to have a lot of non-Mantic miniatures. Given that running Huscarls or the like is financially challenging with how they’ve been not-released.

I’d kind of get it if the ranges were actually full, but they’re not?

Logistics aside, I’ll be giving this Tournament a miss. The Pandemic has meant no games of 3rd edition at all, so I’d be very rusty with the rules and strategies.

Still, hope to get to one in the future when the world gets back to normal.

Good luck to those who go!

Hotel now booked so I’m very much in!

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I‘m struggeling with the thought of attending my first tournament. I‘m very much looking forward to seeing the awesome armies, but having nearly no active scene nearby, I only have about 6 games and a lot of Battle Reports experience (thx Steve). I‘ll propably get pretty annihilated. Are there less elite tournaments out there too? (How elite is it anyway?)


A lot of people will go as they like playing, like the tournament scene and its a great social weekend, rather than actually good at playing :wink:

Pretty much everyone is really friendly with plenty of time for more inexperienced players, and by day two you both get into the swing of it and are playing gamers of a similar standard!

Depending where you are, there are (were anyway, event scene is picking back up slowly, for obvious reasons) fairly regular events - some which tend to attract/be more targeted at, the more casual player.


Thanks a lot. Ok, I‘ll take the trip then. :blush:

I‘m from Vienna btw


Understandable worries, but you’ll find them pretty unfounded in the KoW tournament scene.

Even the very best players are good to play against, everyone is there to enjoy themselves, KoW is the least “gamey” tournament scene I’ve ever encountered.

An awful lot of us go to tournaments purely to get games in.
I go to a lot of events and have not yet met ‘that player’ at an event. I ran into plenty playing other games.

Let your opponents know that you are fairly new and you shouldn’t have any problems, I, and everyone I’ve played, will be happy to remind you of things during the game. Everyone is going to be very rusty from lack of gaming over the last 12-18 months so you won’t be alone.

KoW players tend to be very sociable too, so it’s unlikely you’ll be sitting on your own or ignored between games.

I’m certain you’ll enjoy yourself.


Any impression on numbers? You seem pretty involved in the scene.

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I understand from something @RobZilla01 posted that they’ve sold out the initial allocation (I think 50 or 75?) and are holding the remaining (up to 100? or 125?) dependent on covid numbers.


Steve has it right from what I understand.

Correct - we have initially limited it to 70 (on the advice of Firestorm) and are waiting to see what happens with lockdown opening up. Hopefully we’ll be able to extend the number to 100, which is the maximum capacity for Firestorm’s new venue.