CoK 2023 predictions and wishlisting!

I haven’t heard much in terms of rumours or hype for CoK 2023, especially compared to last year’s hype, so let’s speculate instead!

What do you think is coming and what are you hoping for?

The obvious prediction is that nightstalkers are getting toned down.
I expect it will be the buffs in CoK 2022 being rolled back or superseded by smaller buffs rather than nerfs.

For my wishlist; there were units left out of CoK 2022 (which is understandable). I would like to see a little more for dwarf rangers, a better aura for the dwarf lord (iron resolve, maybe) and the warsmith needs to be rethought.

How about you?


Skeleton Formation, Skeleton Formation, Skeletons anything! Maybe Zuinok should get to be decent. Or skeletons get something to make them stand out more over Zombs. Anything!


Yeah, skeletons just aren’t worth it as things stand - zombies and revenants just do the respective jobs better.

The more elite shooting units generally got a buff in CoK22 but basic infantry shooting, esp the static stuff (xbows, handgunners etc), is invariably terrible and utterly worthless in hordes.

Giving some [1] upgrade options to wider range of heroes (auras etc).

Make use of the existing keywords - let Expendable units be removed if wavered; give Cannibal d3/d6 heal after routing a unit; give units bonuses/penalties when fighting Beasts etc

Make Lightning Bolt suffer from cover, while Fireball doesn’t!


The Phoenix is getting an upgrade! Heavy hints from Matt Croger and Kyle PretzelTwinky on Facebook!


I agree something needs to be done for the Skeletons.

Necromancer could take one of these maybe
Aura (Dread) Skeletons only
Aura (Brutal) Skeletons only
Aura (Wild charge) Skeletons only
Aura (Elite) Skeletons only
Aura (Ensnare) Skeletons only


While I love this suggestion, with that keyword the rules would also apply to Revenants. Now I’m not complaining about making my 2 Revenant Hordes Elite and Ensnare but I think my opponents might. It’d certainly make finishing the second SkeleSpear horde a priority tho…


You got a point I didn’t think about the Revenants when I suggested Ensnare, yeah I think the opponent would not like this one bit they would definitely flip the table.

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  • Points reduction for a majority of the units, especially the casters (85 for inspiring and no spells?)
    -Buff Wyrm riders
    -Rework Rhas as he’s the living legend that never sees tournament play. He needs a different ability

Trident Realm;
-Buff Nokken, LB’s, Dambusters, Wyrm Riders
-Stalker with inspiring
-Siren with inspiring
-Trident King Melee 3+

-Kaisenor nerve buff
-Komodon buff
-Slasher needs something but I’m not sure what


It continues to blow my mind that this isn’t already true :man_facepalming:


Ratkin refugees for the Herd, every now and again a few Ratkin get tired of being pushed around so they run off and are welcomed into the Herd.


Bring back Brutox for Herd!


I’d like to see a horde option for Hunters of the Wild.

Forest Wardens need some utility love IMO. Inspiring and a WC1 aura for verdant would be sick.


hehehe, you’re completely right. It’s been this way since KoW 2nd edition rolled in, (see here for one of my first posts on this subject) . this is also the reason why my handgunners and crossbows are about the only units from my GW army that haven’t been multibased yet.

I do hope with you that they gain something this time around. We’ll see.

Other predictions:
-I predict a nerf to 18"-steady-aim shooting
-New formations for most, if not all, armies
-something “eye catching” such as a new theme list or new monster available to quite a few armies.



I am hoping the Ophidian army is finally introduced. There were rumors about them already at the time the 2ed came out. Now, after the EoD army got proper Mantic miniatures the timing seems right as one expects that some (if not many) of the EoD unit profiles would be usable in the Ophidian army as well.

It would also be nice if the FoN/Herd centaurs got some buff, maybe a formation or speed 9 …


I really hope Kingdoms of Men get their polearm troops back!

It’s been discussed on this forum before when I posted this blog post, which is over two and a half years ago. I still have hope, if only there’d be a new kind of MSU army for Kingdoms of Men!

I thought KoM has spear phalanx they could upgrade with pikes? Or that isn’t what you mean.

Polearm are the de3/cs1 unit, but are only available in regiment/troop


No Separate book for CoK this year, all the books will be consolidated into one, I thought that meant no army changes but Kyles video makes me think that they are rolled in and there will be rebalancing after all

The plastic Ogres are looking sweet, I’m still finishing the 4K I bought in the first Kickstarter so I better speed up

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regiment and hordes.

One book, excellent

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