CoK 22 Skeleton warriors

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A new update in the CoK 22 for EoD and Undead allows skeleton warriors to exchange their shields for two handed weapons, it costs an extra +5/+5/+10 points depending on unit size, they gain +1 crushing strength but their defence drops to 3. While i like the rest of the updates for both EoD and Undead i’m not sure about the skeletons, has anybody tried this two handed version yet?

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I haven’t tried it, but I do have a troop of 1980s citadel plastic naked skeletons with scythes, so this option gives me a way to play them now. Maybe I’ll bulk it up to a regiment and give it a whirl


Interesting choice for sure!

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GIven that it costs points and lowers their defense in exchange for that crush, and they’re stuck at Melee 5+ and the same US as Zombies… I don’t think they’re worth it. The upgrade hasn’t changed anything there.

If it was an option for SkeleSpears, with their slightly higher US, maybe? If it was free, maybe? But paying points to make a bad unit still bad seems very silly.

It’s a little weird they gave Zombies (what most players already take in preference to skeletons) a formation but essentially left skeletons with nothing. Maybe if the two handed weapon option was free it would be something.



Excactly! I was really dissapointed, that the formation didn’t include any skellies at all. A missed opportunity.
The Zombie formation is pretty cool though.

Welcome to the forum, btw!

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Would certainly have liked a skeleton formation as, as you rightly say, skeleton warriors rarely got taken.

With regards to the cost of the change, while its true that there are many units that get a free +1cs/-1de option, these tend to be de5 to begin with.

Think the reasoning is that going from de5 to de4 is a bigger defensive ‘hit’, and thus worth the cs bonus, while going from de4 to de3 is much less an issue.

The points for the upgrade also mirror the difference in cost between shieldwall and polearms in the KoM list (which effectively get the +1cs/-1de for +5/+10 for regiments/hordes)


Yeah i agree the spearmen with their more attack dice would be more of a benefit, not much more but every little helps.

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I do like the look of the zombie formation, but i too would like too see a skeleton one, will they bring out more formations or only keep it to 1 per army?

What about an aura option for one of the heroes or something that affects skeletons in some way? Just thinking out loud here.

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Zuinok Iceblood has a ‘healing fireball’ for skeletons (not Revenants). For every point of damage dealt by the fireball, you can heal a point of damage on a nearby skeleton unit. Maybe someone is willing to try that

Except Fireball isn’t great at doing damage, you can’t have Bane Chant on Zuinok, and its still not a very good unit, even with another 120 points backing it up.

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Never said it was good. Just that it existed. Hasn’t Fireball been buffed in any way?

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I think i’d give Zuinok a try, never know he might work out fine.

Yeah the fireball has been given shattering now which sounds alright.