KoW will get a 2-days-event in Germany :blush:

After some years with only 1-day tournaments (some of them very small), the german KoW scene is gathering forces and will organize a 2-days, 5 games, 24+ players tournament near Cologne on september 19th - 20th.
The event will be hosted by the “Privateer Poza Boyz” wargaming club and other local players.
Further details will be published in november :slightly_smiling_face:.


Hello Wollek,
Nice idea! I hope this time I will be able to participate, and even a 2 day tournament means double fun. Please keep us informed about this. I don’t know whether it is possible, but a good thing would be when some people could spend the night in the tournament location, it will lead to more participants because the costs are lower for persons coming from far away.

I guess the tournament is next year. :wink: Glad to see that some tournaments are appearing in Germany. Cologne may be a bit to far for us but some Czech players may consider going to a tournament abroad.

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Yes, our Colpgne-tournament will be in 2020. Maybe Berlin is more suitable for the Czech players? There will be a smaller tournament sometime next year I think.

Berlin would definitely be considered seriously among our players. Though, so far we have not seen any information about KoW tournaments in Germany. You are the first. I hope people will start posting more invitations to their tournaments on this forum.

Following this thread with interest. A couple of us from the UK are definitely interested in coming over if we can get an ok from our wives!

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Hi @AlQuds!
KoW player from Berlin here. We absolutely plan to organize events here, as our local community is quite alive and kicking! We just lack experience with organizing KoW tournaments, so give us some time :wink:

Of course, players from Berlin would also seriously consider traveling to play, so please post here as well if you guys organize something we can attend!


Great! In fact, few Czech players (including myself) consider going even to Cologne next year. Maybe we manage to send a car with 3-4 players there. Our community is relatively small (about 20 players in Czechia, about 8 of them in Prague). I may post more information on our KoW scene elsewhere not to hijack this topic …


Today I can add some further info about our tournament:

  • number of places: 42
  • tickets are 25 € (Water and Coffee included)
  • points per game: 2000 points (not finally decided)
  • time: 60 minutes player/game (this will go up, if we raise the point level)
  • adress: Josef-Kuth-Weg 2 50389 Wesseling
    (300m from the tram Station “Urfeld”, 1200m from motorway exit, free parking)

The Tournament will be published on “” within the next days.
More detailed Info about Rules, schedule etc. will be added there over the next 3 months.

Some may notice, that our time limit (60 minutes) is very high in comparison to UK events. That’s because our player base in Germany is lacking the experience to play under higher time-preasure in general (and prefers a more casual, chilled way to play :slightly_smiling_face:)


In Czechia we also use more relaxed time limits, normally 70 or 75 minutes. Some players, including myself, tend to think a lot, sometimes some rules get discussed … :thinking:

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The event is up onT3 :slightly_smiling_face:

Non-binding registrations can be made from now on.

More detailed info (rules pack, final registration etc.) will be published on that side by the end of january (at the latest)

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Nick Williams and I (Elliot Morrish) have booked our flights and apartment so you’re going to have at least two people from the UK joining you


Our event is now officially the german “Qualifier for Clash of Kings UK 2020” :slightly_smiling_face:.



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I am so pumped for this :smiley: … Would be nice to play aggainst you guys.