Combat Goblins

Hi all
My first KOW list in years , going to dust off my mighty Goblins.
This is meant to be a combat Goblin list.

Any thoughts?

I thought I’d tool up my wiz for healing.
Just checking , he rolls 2 dice , and 4+ to hit , each hit heals d3?

Anyway here is the list.

Combat Goblins
Sharpsticks (Horde) 155

  • Mawpup 10

Sharpsticks (Legion) 230

  • Hann’s Sanguinary Scripture 10
  • Mawpup 10

Trolls (Horde) 190

  • Staying Stone 5

Trolls (Horde) 190

  • Chalice of Wrath 15

Mawbeast Pack* (Regiment) 120
Mawbeast Pack* (Regiment) 120
Mawbeast Pack* (Regiment) 120
Mawbeast Pack* (Regiment) 120

Winggit 120

  • Ramming Speed! Nerve 13/15, Att:5, Me 4+, Thunderous Charge(1), Vicious (Melee). (Cannot take Bombs Away!) 0

Goblin Slasher 210

  • Aura (Rampage (Melee - D3) - Beast only) 15

Biggit 55

  • Mount on Fleabag, increasing Speed to 10 and changing to Hero (Cav - Height: 3) 25

Flaggit 40

  • Shroud of the Saint 25

King on chariot 130

  • Blade of Slashing 5

Wiz 45

  • Knowledgeable [1] - Spellcaster tier +1 10
  • Library Celestial Restoration 1 25

Total Unit Strength: 28
Total Units: 14
Target Points: 2000
Core (Target%): 2000 (100%)


You got it right on the Celestial Restoration. Also note he can’t cast it within 12" due to Indirect.

But speaking of healing, I’m not sure the Heal (3) + CR (2) is enough to meaningfully grind? Looks like you’re looking to keep the legion around a little longer? I’d be tempted to take Boomstick on the Flaggit to have a little more chaff clearing, or Lute since you’re in it for combat. For the Wiz’s cool big spell, how about Barkskin (5)? It works best with lower Def armies. Wither and Perish or Scorched Earth are also ways to keep the damage from happening in the first place, which I think will pay off for you more than the CR healing.

Re: items, depending on what happens with the Wiz you might end up with more points for meaningful items on the legion or Biggit. For the King, how about Fire Oil? As it works on his shortbow too. Axe of the Giant Slayer on the Biggit would be tasty.

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Ok thanks , I didn’t see the indirect part of the spell , I will keep my little Wiz safe at the back , calling down healing from the sky.

I haven’t used any of the new spells , I will look at Barskin again , I was considering it.

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