Considering getting into Armada using KoM fleet

partly because i have an order i’m going to place at Warlord Games before long, and the Black Seas Frigates and Brigs set is one of the freebies you can pick from when using their compensation program for overseas shipping.
haven’t bought the armada rulebook yet (why is a PDF $40?) but have been playing around with the easyarmy site, equipping various things to see the mechanics.

I like to have a plan to build to, so what would you suggest in terms of fleet build to use the 2 Frigates and 4 Brigs the set comes with, and what ships i should look at to expand it?

also any upgrades i should try to add?


first ships to expand would be either a 1st rate or a box of 3rd rates

if you are into conversions you can use 2 of the Brigs to make another Frigate and 1 small ship or modify the other ones for a more fantasy feeling

but for the first game to see the mechanics the 6 ships are enough (as well as the rules summery sheet that is for free)

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I guess this blog post may help you to start with the KoM fleet.


getting a 3rd rate box seems to be the common response between here and the mantic discord. any idea if mantic is going to run a sale on the rulebook anytime soon?

Tempted by the Black Seas ships too.

Does the KoM fleet hold up against the others that have been released? Does anyone know if there are fliers planned (perhaps winged beasts and pegasi)?

I built this lot for my KoM fleet - it’s basically a US fleet box and couple of metal schooners .

1st rates will make decent xl ships.

As a fleet they have plenty of guns, the crew upgrade is good and the gunboat rule can work nicely if you get things right. You don’t want to get stuck in boarding actions

Edit - no word on flyers, and as they don’t make the ships not hopeful, but with luck KoM could piggyback off some of the others.

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Nice fleet - lots of options there!

Do the schooners represent the brigs? Or have you used different ships for the Instigator & frigate?

Perhaps they could be given access to/share another factions flyers, if none are planned (Halfling Aralez and air balloon would be cool).

The schooners/brigs are just model options for same size ships.

The Instigator/Frigate choice is just tokens to differentiate - you could convert them or use the BS merchant ships.

I’d probably have done the conversion route if I’d built the fleet after the rules came out!

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