Converting foot models to mounted ones

Quick question, how does one manage to alter a model so it can be mounted on something like a horse, dragon, unicorn, pegasus, etc. Especially if you can’t find anything that represents the unit you’re trying to make online?

Modeling - with bitz and green stuff and vaseline

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Kit bashes & converting are really the way to go if you can’t find the model you are after.

Depending on the specific hero etc, you should be able to get a vaguely suitable mounted style model and go from there - or at least a pair of legs that fit.

Alternative is to have to figure on foot along with the mount - holding the horse for example, or as in these frostfang lords?


To add to Xanathar’s list, blue stuff (oyamaru) to make casts of different sections of the model, then you can make green stuff copies and reshape/sculpt mounted forms

Small hobby saw, cut the torso off and combine with a pair of other “mounted” legs you can find (or cut off from) somewhere else.
I got mine at the local hobby train shop:

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