Counter Charge Feedback

I typically find the folks that participate in forums to be more engaged then the fly by communication that we get from Facebook. To that end I would love to get some feedback as to they type of shows/content you find most interesting / useful - however you want to look at it. I know Army Reviews are high on many folks lists. But what else do you actually enjoying listening to? Are there any examples from other podcasts outside of the Kings of War community that are that you could point me to? We’re keen to continue to grow and improve, so thanks in advance for any feedback you can provide.


Army Reviews and fluff are my favorite, but after that I like list building and hobby oriented episodes.

I would like to hear an episode on scenario creation and non standard boards. For example, setting up a scenario using a river or town. Scenarios people have seen in GTs that they liked and disliked.

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I really enjoy the same as above. I love the tournament reports, discussing everyone’s games.

I listen to other podcast and especially on 2ps podcast they do a fantastic hobby desk section. Another thing I enjoy is hearing about people’s projects and progress. Helps kick up my motivation:)

I’ve recently become a avid listener of counter charge and really appreciate the effort you guys put in and the serious amount of content that comes out! So thanks .

Hi rob,

Great idea to ask for this!

Anyhow, have little to add; but as others said:

I like the reviews, such as army reviews. I’d immagine a review of new items/spells in 3rd or Clash’ book would be interesting as well.

Other than that, I must say I enjoyed the recent “perspective of a new player” episode, as it shows the game from an outside perspective.

Generally, as an european, I skip the US (or UK for that matter) tournament reports.

Interesting Tony! Were you thinking more competitive or narrative scenarios?

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Thanks for the feedback! I can’t wait to dive into this podcast. I really love to listen to other hobby focused ones. One that I’ve just started listening to is the Hobby Knockout Podcast.

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I really appreciate your feedback on the New Player episode. I really enjoy learning what makes perspective players tick and why they would choose Kings of War over other tabletop games. I think those of us on the “inside” assume we know how to market the game rather than actually listening to what perspective players tell us.

Also, if you’re interested here’s another interview from that episode that hit the cutting room floor.

Rob, why not both?

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Yes, that new player perspective was interesting. Always good to hear the new voices.

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Only if you promise to come on and help! :slight_smile:

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Love your stuff!

I find the pre-event army reviews and discussion of first round matches very interesting.
“After-event” reviews with the Best Generals, Sportsman and Paint winners would be interesting.

What army did well and why?
Missions, special characters etc,
Special thoughts about that event - what to take next time
Differences in game communities and local meta
Army paint grading
What improvements for next event.

Steaming events can be a big advertisement.

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As someone who has zero interest in competitive play (did the GW tournament scene when I was in my 20’s), it would be nice to hear some focus on the merits of casual play, and narrative driven campaigns.

Also themed lists, and the thoughts that go behind them.