Counter Charge Question

I have searched the forum but couldn’t find an answer so sry if I missed it.

The rules say that if you counter charge a unit that you are engaged with the the flank or rear you " turn it to face the target and align it flush with the target’s front face", so at this point should the combat last (via counter charge) into further turns, you are not engaged in the flank/rear any more which is a massive advantage.

What happens if due to your unit foot print and surrounding terrain and/or units you cannot turn your unit to face a unit in your flank or indeed if you do not want to turn your unit to the flank or rear, can you still charge using the flank / rear of your unit in this instance?




If a unit can not fit against the target’s front face then it may not counter charge (page 23).

You can of course declare a normal charge with that unit but must follow all the normal charging rules.

I’m not sure if this answers your question.

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You cannot choose to have your flank to something that you wish to fight in melee. If your unit does not fit by turning around and put somewhere in contact with the enemy front (“pick up and place”, don’t treat it as a pivot) then you are not allowed to counter charge that enemy. You must either remain in place and stay engaged or move out sideways or such to disengage if there is room for that.

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So only front to front on a counter charge or not at all; thanks for clearing that up!