Countercharge Question

A unit is engaged in front and flank and declares a countercharge against the flanking unit. There is a friendly unit directly to the rear of the countercharging unit. In this situation do you:
A. ‘nudge’ the unit formerly engaged to the front the several inches (esp for a horde) to let the countercharging unit align to the flanking unit?
B. ‘nudge’ both the friendly unit and enemy unit to make space?
B. Not allow the countercharge as the unit cannot align?
C. Other?

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The countercharging unit has to fit into the available space. If it does not, the countercharge cannot be completed. I guess in the situation you describe only the unit engaged to the front can be countercharged.

Alternatively, you may move back with the friendly unit behind your engaged unit and then countercharge to the flank if there is enough space there now.


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You physically have to be able to fit in order to countercharge a unit to your flank - so if you wanted to do so you’d have to try to get your other friendly unit out of the way first

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That is what I thought, thank you.